Thank you Lord, because I would have to live another day. Thank you because I have shelter and food. Thank you, because despite all the struggles in life, I am still alive. Thank you, because I got to spend my day with my daughter, thank you because you keep us safe. Thank you, most of … Continue reading Thanks


Letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, In life, I‘ve learned that life is a struggle I wake up each morning and wonder what the day would bring me But I was fixed on knowing... my future relies on what I do today Unfortunately, it has been 2 cold sleepless nights Heater did not seem to funktion, that … Continue reading Letter to Mom and Dad

Inspirational Thought – 10. December 2020

The people who do not grow are unwilling to leave what they have known and practiced They‘re not willing to admit wrong so they can discover what is right Therefore they cling to right and their lives turnout wrong Surrender of being right is a prerequisite to fighting right. ~Inspired by John Maxwell What keeps … Continue reading Inspirational Thought – 10. December 2020

Great things come at the right time…

Yesterday was one of my happiest moment, receiving something really great and good and important that will probably change my life forever, it‘s one if the greatest gift God has given me this Christmas... then I just realized a smile just brought me a thousand smiles back. Actually it‘s even greater than a smile could … Continue reading Great things come at the right time…

You can never please everyone

No matter how hard you try Sometimes you get unsatisfied results Even after giving your best effort and dedication You can never please everyone What matters most is that you believe in yourself, you gave your best and you know you did everything right Have a happy weekend everyone. By: DaZ © DaZ Journal, Copyright … Continue reading You can never please everyone

Hold Still…

It's heartbreaking to not even being able to defend yourself because you're alone, they were more Hold on tight, hold on still, do not lose hope One day it's over, it will be over It's a promise, for today maybe not be the time You cannot lose just because you tried... In every problem there's … Continue reading Hold Still…

Reha in Hamburg – Nov. 6, 2020

Today I had to accompany my daughter on her Rehabilitation for a quick treatment of her feet. She's been suffering of Equinus or called "Spitzfuß" in Germany since last year and now she has to undergo a 3-week treatment. For the first time, I had to put her on a wheel chair, so she could … Continue reading Reha in Hamburg – Nov. 6, 2020

In silence… ✍️

While in Dangast, Germany 🇩🇪 Here’s another painting I’ve made while spending my time at a very quiet and lovely place here in Dangast, Germany. I think this paint describes more how I have been feeling here the last few days. Quiet, peaceful, yet gray and a bit sad, while the reflections of the sky … Continue reading In silence… ✍️


I see you from afar But you were not there I tipped the words But I got no response I didn't matter I'm no one but a shadow You just pass by Our words made us close Yet too far to reach In silence was love unspoken In silence was doubt and pain If only … Continue reading Unspoken

Back on my Feet Again

It's nice to be back on my feet again, after a long break... I guess I am finally back to writing again. During my hard times, I started learning new hobbies to find myself like painting... and some yoga, just being by myself and it helped me relax a bit more. Of course there were … Continue reading Back on my Feet Again

Keep Going

I'm sharing this beautiful quote because I just had this experience not long ago... Sadly, when a friend tries to bring us down, especially in times of our worse situations in life, we tend to give up in life. But the good part about it is that we learn who our real friends are. A … Continue reading Keep Going

A Little Break

Yesterday was a long flight, flying from Hamburg, I was walking at a long path of London Heathrow airport. I had a 3 hour stop and I used all the time to just walk around while waiting for my gate to open. While I was walking around, my thoughts were somewhere, my heart still felt … Continue reading A Little Break

Thank you…

I may cry all the tears But I will bury them with you Not wishing to look back Because pain is enough A little something for myself Is all what I have But I will stand proud Because one day I know Living without you Will make me live For at least one another day … Continue reading Thank you…

Thank you 100 Followers

Hey guys! I would like to take this opportunity thank all my 💯 followers... it was just recently when I noticed it because I didn't really pay much attention to it... so guys I really thank you, I know 100 is not really much, most of you probably already have thousands, but please keep on … Continue reading Thank you 100 Followers

What’s Holding You Back In Making Your Dreams Come True?

My drafts were kept drafts for years. My life got stuck in a complicated world, my life turned mess. I've travelled many places but never found myself. I got lost to where I belong. It's been quite a long time since my last blog and I regret not giving myself a little time to write. … Continue reading What’s Holding You Back In Making Your Dreams Come True?

Someday You’ll See

Just let me fall Take everything all Until nothing is left Even my last breathe My lost maybe your victory But one day when I am gone Someday you'll see Your biggest regret in life When I am nowhere to be found.

Rügen, Germany

It wasn't long time ago when me and my family visited Rügen (or Ruegen), a biggest island in Germany located located at Baltic Sea. It was just a 3-night visit, but I would say it was worthwhile. For some reasons, I've started writing about our tour here but at some point, I never got to … Continue reading Rügen, Germany

What would you do when your Boss’ Wife comes out to the Scene and makes your life Miserable?

Photo Credit: Marten Bjork #MartenBjork, I am not so proud to announce but I am really having a terrible day with my boss' wife. Honestly, I don't know what I did to make her mad at me. I'll try to make the story short, it was my boss (the man) who hired me in … Continue reading What would you do when your Boss’ Wife comes out to the Scene and makes your life Miserable?

Christmas Party with friends

This marks one of the most important day in my life. Celebrating yearly Christmas party with friends and loved ones, knowing each other even more deeply than one could ever imagine, a kind of friendship we all know somebody stands by our side, a friend who listens and understands us... patiently, and accepts us for … Continue reading Christmas Party with friends

Einzige Hoffnung

Deutschland ist mein Land Philippinen ist mein Heimat Soll es andersrum sein Will keine vielleicht glauben Mein ganzes Leben lang habe ich in Deutschland verbracht In Deutschland habe ich geheiratet und habe mein Kind geboren Bald ist sie schon erwachsen Ich aber langsam werde alt Das macht aber nicht, so lange bin ich noch am … Continue reading Einzige Hoffnung

Do dreams really have meanings?

I woke up and realized I was crying while I was sleeping. It took me a while to stop from crying when I woke up. My dream felt so true. My dad was missing like over a week and my mom insisted to search for him, I advised her to stay home because there were … Continue reading Do dreams really have meanings?

Saturday, Week 45

My day starts today with green Tea flavored with Vanilla in my favorite cup😍. The aroma of the tea, hmmm delicious sweet Vanilla freshens up my body and soul, energizes my tired and stressed days of work over the week. So to start my Saturday, I woke up early at 7am (which is not my … Continue reading Saturday, Week 45

Join In The Fun! Join In The November 2018 Tea Party!

Join In The Fun! Join In The November 2018 Tea Party! — Read on -sharing this @thelittlemermaid09


Paint Photo by DaZ, Copyright © 2018, Daz Journal From the foolish world of tricky men, Treating wives as captive or his own, Time will come indeed and be prepared For once his captive be freed This woman's heart he broke Soon will stand out from the crowd Wait then till he falls off the … Continue reading Captive

Epic journey through 8 countries in a Bicycle(India – Sweden)

I was teary with this story😢, a proof of true love- it’s really amazing. This should inspire us all.


The story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia inspires us to believe that no matter how much trouble we face at last love makes everything possible.

Born in 1949 into a poor weaver family of Odisha, Dhenkanal who were considered untouchables, Mahanandia was a gifted artist. In 1971, he joined College of Art in New Delhi and gained popularity for making portraits.

In 1975, 19-year-old Charlotte Von Sledvin, a student in London heard about him and came down all the way to India to get her portrait made by him. Love had to bloom when Mahananda was touched by Charlotte’s beauty and Charlotte’s heart was won by his simplicity.

When it was time for Charlotte to leave, she asked her love to come along but Mahanandia had to stay back in India to complete his education and send his beloved with a promise to meet her again. He denied air ticket to…

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Happy Halloween

Illustration by: Daz ©, DaZ Journal Copyright 2018 Are you ready for the halloween? My halloween pumkin is ready, So wear your favorite scary costume And knock on my door… Tonight is the most exciting night It’s halloween time and let’s have fun You can either hide or run So be my guest, don’t be … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Illustrating myself

Just another Design I worked on Illustrator today, this photo appears on my Profile on this site and I just happen to cartoon myself using Illustrator, not an easy task as I had to work on fine lines. Btw, here I used a very old model of Intous pen and Tablet from Wacom. I'm aiming … Continue reading Illustrating myself

Life demands a payment

There's no such thing as free lunch- life is not a gift, it is an investment. - John Maxwell Remember that in everything we do, at work - accomplish things for your boss; at home- do all household work for the family; friends-staying by their side, we invest in life, we learn that there is nothing … Continue reading Life demands a payment

A Mother’s Wish…

While checking on Instagram, I have read a post from someone I actually don't know. It caught my attention because I saw it's a mother who needs help for her baby. It breaks my heart to see babies suffering and surviving for life. I know there is nothing I could do but there is at … Continue reading A Mother’s Wish…

The art of waiting…

My day today turned out really well and effective. I woke up at my early weekday routine before 7 am (got up though at past 7am😃), had my daughter's breakfast ready for school and went to work in the morning at around 8am, after work at 12pm I had to rush back home to prepare … Continue reading The art of waiting…

What stops you from trying?

Are you aware that there are things you haven't done but could actually have done because you thought there was nothing else you could do? Or things you haven't tried or stopped trying because you were afraid to do so and you did not believe in yourself? There is something in this world that makes … Continue reading What stops you from trying?

Will you forget the pain?

So I am crying like hell again, crying out loud until I could wipe you away with my tears. And I promise to write until my words stab your heart deeply... until you realize the hell you have done to me.  You may relate to this if you have read my previous blog: The End. You may also follow … Continue reading Will you forget the pain?

Inspirational Writing

A short reminder to everyone from one my favorite writer: "Writing isn't about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid or making friends.  In the end, it's about enriching the lives of those who will read your own work and enriching your life as well."  - Stephen King    

Can’t stand the Dancefloor anymore?

Dancing all night and this is what happens when you feel like you're not as young as you were once anymore and all you wanted to do is to rest your feet because you can't stand wearing heels anymore... time flies, life goes on and you're left wondering how should it be after ten or … Continue reading Can’t stand the Dancefloor anymore?

It’s the Kiss 💋

It's the kiss that you need to let your pain 💔go away A kiss that wipes away all the tears you kept inside your ❤️ heart A kiss to remind you everything will be alright 💋 A kiss to comfort ... and to let you know that you are loved 💞 🤗

The End

Love failure. Relationship failure. Marriage failure. Broken Promises. Disappointment. Hopelessness. Sufferings. Pains. Illness. Sickness. Death. Whatever you call it. Nobody wants it.

A Surprise Journey

A surprise journey to Helgoland, the destination was first unknown until we landed to the ship dock. It was an overnight tour over the weekend, photos includes view of the Lange Anna, shops and sightseeing views during our tour.

The night

It was a night when drinking whiskey and fragrant grape based pomace slowly closes her eyes. Her head slightly drops down over her shoulder while the stars exposes itself behind the dark clouds and the starlight kisses her brown cheek a sad goodnight. Her body retires from a midnight crowd while the breeze of the … Continue reading The night

Shattered 🙇‍♀️ 💔 🤦‍♀️

Reblogging my blog…

DaZ Journal

A silent mind bearing shattered memories

Heavy thoughts capture the past

A heart in grief breaks in pieces

And lonely eyes overflow with tears

Yesterday was a thousand miles to look back

Heavenly moments while young at heart

When body craves for a gentle touch

Warm embraces never to miss out

Dark clouds shimmered in the sunlight

Noisy laughs silenced the curious crowd

A real friend to trust, to touch and to hold

All worries and doubts fall out of sight

One single glimpse need not to say a word

Promises to keep no secrets to be told

Years and moments together when life was tough

Unbreakable trust built longer than enough

For one must go and bid a sad farewell

Yet distance won’t keep any bonds apart

When a missing piece is found, only time could tell

Two random lives no passersby could understand

Love spreads out and wilderness…

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Shattered 🙇‍♀️ 💔 🤦‍♀️

A silent mind bearing shattered memories Heavy thoughts capture the past A heart in grief breaks in pieces And lonely eyes overflow with tears Yesterday was a thousand miles to look back Heavenly moments while young at heart When body craves for a gentle touch Warm embraces never to miss out   Dark clouds shimmered … Continue reading Shattered 🙇‍♀️ 💔 🤦‍♀️

Don’t let your Dream just a Dream

It all started with a 💔 broken heart, when I almost gave up and saw nothing but a useless creature of my own. I was tipping on my keys during my break time at dawn, when unknown commercials pop up on my screen, the one I always ignored when I was so in love, one … Continue reading Don’t let your Dream just a Dream

The Touch of 🇬🇷 Greece

Today I looked up on you, I wish you could take me high and never bring me back to where I've been. Your kiss on my naked feet whenever I walk down on you, your warm touch under my skin when I lay down to feel you. It tickles my ears when you whisper, the lovely … Continue reading The Touch of 🇬🇷 Greece

My Comeback

Hi, It’s been a long year since I’ve been gone. Now I’m getting myself prepared for  more posts and I hope 🤞🏼 this time for long and great posts... To be honest, I’m more than excited to share to you my experiences from different places around the world! Wow! This includes my trip to Austria, Italy, … Continue reading My Comeback


I was just in the midst of transferring my old files to a new laptop when I found my old apple design (made it last year) and I just thought about sharing it to you. It's been a year since I haven't made any posts.  Well, just a short reminder to everyone... it's cold season again … Continue reading Apple

Only Yesterday

Here's a Valentine special for everyone. I just wrote this few months ago and I wanted to make it a song... but since time isn't always enough for me, I ended up making it a poem. 🙂 Only YesterdayI can't remember the years that passed, It was like only yesterday Your face is clear in … Continue reading Only Yesterday

Christmas at home yet away from Home.

It's been quite a long time since I've been away from Home. Yes, I haven't been spending Christmas at my country home for like 7 years now. Living in Germany for almost 8 years now doesn't mean I already forgot my hometown, Philippines. Although I really love Germany, nothing will ever compare to my hometown … Continue reading Christmas at home yet away from Home.

When life gets busy

Alarm bells started to ring when my internet connection got lost. I was so busy surfing, when my internet went down. I realized how hard it is to live without internet. This is where my world already revolves. Internet makes a very big impact on my life. Life becomes different for me without internet, even having my Photoshop software to do some work, or my book to keep me busy and even having my notes around to write down my tasks and list down my expenses.

Captioning Fehmarn

 Fehmarn, known as Germany's 3rd biggest island, located at the Ostsee (Eastern Coast) of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The island, famous for its nature and recreation areas. It is also well known for its Windsurf and Kitesurf spots. Together with my friend, I am lucky enough to have taken these wonderful photos.  Three buildings in a row... Where shall … Continue reading Captioning Fehmarn

Just along the shore.

How far can you go? When they close the door behind you.... When all you need is to go down that stair and swing for a while... Maybe someone out there won't leave you behind... Even till your darkest hours... When along the shore is a friend out of sight... There is always someone willing … Continue reading Just along the shore.

Dating my Daughter at Beach Club.

It's nice to write and to live, because of the beauty that life has to offer. It was 32-35 degrees. Sunny and nice on a Saturday afternoon. Everybody was out. Which means, I was alone with my daughter at home.  I had actually been thinking about going out with friends, but since nobody was available, … Continue reading Dating my Daughter at Beach Club.

Simply Beautiful

  The Captured Roses from our Garden. It's symbols and meanings: Pink rose, a symbol of grace and elegance. A simple way of showing happiness, sweetness and thankfulness. Very feminine like. There is always joy and gratefulness hidden behind a pink rose. A simple rose that expresses admiration and aspiration. Yellow rose that symbols infidelity and undying … Continue reading Simply Beautiful

Letter For my Child on her 5th Birthday

I just wrote my child a letter on her birthday, even if she can't read it yet, I am sure someday when she can... she would at least know there is something really special about her when she was little. I know I wouldn't be able to write her the same message I just did … Continue reading Letter For my Child on her 5th Birthday