Letter For my Child on her 5th Birthday

I just wrote my child a letter on her birthday, even if she can’t read it yet, I am sure someday when she can… she would at least know there is something really special about her when she was little. I know I wouldn’t be able to write her the same message I just did when she would be 6 or 7 or 8 and throughout the years to come. This is also my only way of expressing the deep emotions she has brought me all these years… and I am hoping that someday, she would be grateful that we have each other:)

For my lovely daughter,

You are 5! I can‘t believe it! It‘s your first 5 and even if it‘s your 2nd or 3rd, or whatever it is… the feeling is always there… it is always „love“, and each day you grow… it also grows stronger! The neverending love a mother has on her child is always unexplainable, lasting, and forever!  Now, you are 5… I am more than happy for the years that have passed and the years that you would still encounter. It is amazing how I try to reminisce those nice happy moments with you. As I look at the pictures, it brings me back to memories and I could not help but cry… not just because of joy but because of the things you have brought me into this life. Yes, I couldn‘t have struggled this playing world without you. You taught me a lot of things… you made me strong and you made me complete.

Thank you for those wonderful years with you… those first sweet cries, the amazing looks and gentle touch when you were first born… it made me whole. My dear, when you were newborn, nobody could stop you from crying until the nurse laid you down by my side… it was unbelievable how it stopped you from crying just there laying down beside me.

It was really amazing! From your very first days up to the first time you walked, you were so happy you finally could stand and walk alone on your own feet. You almost walked everywhere around the room like you were already learning to run.

Until the very first day you finally said your first words: „Mama!“ It hit my heart really deep… a really deep feeling I couldn‘t really explain… but one thing is for sure… it was something I have to be proud of.

You are special because YOU are YOU. You love to learn and explore new things. You are smart, not just because you know things but also because you exhibit a wisdom and wit far beyond your years. Your early age at 2 without diaper, learning to bike alone at 3, Inliner at 4, Swimming without vest at 4… and much more… You taught me things… some things parents don‘t just normally learn from the child but also those things which I haven‘t learned at my age… and that you kept amazing me of what a child like you can do at young age. You are strong… very strong… there is no doubt about that. You are never scared about anything and you always try to manage not to cry whenever it‘s not necessary. You never give up whenever you want to learn and do some things. You always make friends wherever you go. You are loving. Even if some people turn their backs on you, you didn‘t care. You just know how to love. You are silly… you make jokes even they sometimes don‘t make sense but I am thankful because you could at least bring me sometimes into laughter. You are industrious. You keep your room tidy (of course sometimes whenever told), and I am so relieved you could already help me out of the household. Although I have to do most of the work, you show willingness to help. You are beautiful, not just from the outside but also from within. You love animals, not to mention your grandma‘s bird you feed most of the time, the dog from our neighbour you kept hugging and the cat from mom‘s friend that you kept following. Aside from that, you also love babies… and little kids, which shows how a great sister you really are and can be. Even your baby dolls are well being taken cared of. You love me the most… remember when I told you, I love you… Zoe, then you answered me with I love you more, Mama. I was surprised and I told you I love you even more… but you never give up telling me you even love me hundred thousands more!You are simply amazing!


Each day you grow up is worth remembering. If only I could record every second of your growing-up I would do that, but this I know… is always in my heart. You are precious and I love you just the way you are. Now you are 5, there is nothing in this world I could wish for but a healthy, happy long life. Happy Happy 5th Birthday to you, my beloved Zoe. I love you so much more than I could ever explain…. 🙂

Love always,



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