Dating my Daughter at Beach Club.

It’s nice to write and to live, because of the beauty that life has to offer.

It was 32-35 degrees. Sunny and nice on a Saturday afternoon. Everybody was out. Which means, I was alone with my daughter at home.  I had actually been thinking about going out with friends, but since nobody was available, I planned a day out with my 5 years old daughter. When I told her to get prepared, she was hesitant as she was so busy watching TV at grandma’s. “Where are we going?” she asked curiously. “We’re going to Beach Club”. She looked at me like she really has no idea where it is. My daughter speaks German and little English, so the word Beach Club is actually not familiar to her. We’ve been there almost every summer, except I guess last year, so she probably already forgot it. So, I answered her curious look: “Just get prepared, you will love it there”. I turned her over her bathing suit to wear it and put her cream all over her body. Her face looks to me like she was already starting to have an idea about where we’re going. Then I handed her beach toys and put them in a plastic so she could carry them, and she got really very excited. I have everything already packed, everything we needed… and so I was so excited just like her.

I drove all the way from our little home in Oldenburg to Beach Club, in Rastede (at the northern part of Germany or “Niedersachsen”). She started being impatient since she wouldn’t stop asking me when we’re actually finally there… until she fall asleep in the car. She was still sleeping when we arrived, so she did not notice how many times I drove around to find for the right parking place. It was full… like everybody comes here every weekend. So I woke her up and she got up and stood with smile on her face. This time she was patient while we were walking all the way to the beach. She didn’t mind the distance we had to walk. We fall in line to pay for the entrance. We finally got in and it was hard to find for the right place to build our tent, so I got a spot at the far right side of the beach.

beach club pavillon

 It was full, obviously a hang-out place for everyone especially on a nice sunny weather. From far, I could still get a view of the Pavillon with a bar and we could still hear John Legend’s most famous song “All of me”. It was played almost repeatedly and so I could say, it was simply perfect:)


It’s not just once a while that you get this nice sunny weather. This little girl uses all the time she got to enjoy the day. Run here, run there, fall through the water, laugh and swim. Walk through the sand and sit right through it with her long legs stretched, feel the sand through her.

Witnessing all of these, fulfills my longing to see how wonderful life still has to offer. Her happiness and enjoying the flow of the water from the sea, the natural coldness of water doesn’t matter, because the heat of the sun balances it all. Now she lays down on the sand, it is indescribable feeling looking at her like that.

Mama, can you please cover me with sand?
Mama, can you please cover me with sand?

At first I didn’t know if she was really asking, she started covering her feet with sand while I was watching her doing it. She was enjoying it. I was busy with my camera so I said “Oh dear, I’m sure you can do that better than mama… can’t you?” It didn’t take her long and she managed to cover herself alone with sand. Then she laid down, closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sand over her body.

Fresh air, nice sunny weather, it just seems to be everything's perfect.
Fresh air, nice sunny weather, it just seems to be everything’s perfect.

“Can we stay here overnight?”

A question she actually wished. I could only answer her with a laugh. As if she has read my mind, she started convincing me not to leave yet.

No, dear… we finally have to go home now.

I didn’t want her to get disappointed, but I finally said the words “go home”.  If you actually ask me, too… I didn’t wanna leave either.

“Mama, don’t you see how comfortable it is here?”

It’s 7pm and the sun still shines through us. Our tent  was still standing.

Our tent from a distance
Our tent from a distance

She goes back to the water and enjoys its coldness again. But it all doesn’t matter. She’s having a great time and I am so happy we did this. Next time would surely be different, but I definitely wanna spend another day like this with her again someday.

I still wanna see the sunset so I could still photograph it. But as a mother with big responsibilities, it’s just another quote of saying “better next time”. Goodbye Beach Club for now, see you again soon whenever and wherever this next time is:)

Call it a day! We went home very happy. I was contented. It’s not like the first time we’ve been together, but it was like an achievement that I did a great job bringing her there. It was like a great decision to be alone and experience what it is like to be alone with a daughter. Honestly, it was like our first date. I never thought I would be very happy seeing just how happy she was on that day. What a day… Happy daughter… happy mom:)

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