Simply Beautiful

If we speak of rose, we mean of a flower that brings beauty to the eyes.
If we speak of rose, we mean of a flower that brings beauty to the eyes.


The Captured Roses from our Garden. It’s symbols and meanings:

rose pink

Pink rose, a symbol of grace and elegance. A simple way of showing happiness, sweetness and thankfulness. Very feminine like. There is always joy and gratefulness hidden behind a pink rose. A simple rose that expresses admiration and aspiration.

rose yellow copy

Yellow rose that symbols infidelity and undying love in German culture. It symbolizes friendship, caring, joy and welcome or to welcome someone back. Perfect for new mothers and friends. When I look at yellow roses, they just simply brighten up my day, relieve me from stress and ease my mind. It simply gives joy and lets me forget my worries. Yellow roses are simply adorable, a perfect choice to brighten up one’s day.



There should really be something on this beautiful rose.

White Rose.  A symbol of purity and innocence. White roses come in different shades, from pure white to ivory shades. White rose is a perfect choice for bridal ceremonies.

In the picture is a white rose with shades of yellow or pale yellow should I say. There is actually something on this beautiful rose from our garden… not only that it is the biggest rose  as compared to the other roses that grew on the same stem, it is one really eye-catching and a favorite spot of the bees  to sip nectar with among all others. As seen on the picture, I just caught a bee on this beautiful rose sipping nectar. I also noticed that the bee kept coming back on the same rose. So, if there is something to sip it’s nectar with, you will find it on this rose.

Red rose from the garden

Red Rose from the Garden. A symbol of love and fidelity.

What is a rose without a red rose? If there is a yellow, white and pink rose, then a red rose should not be missed. Not only that it brings color in life but it also gives inspiration. Remember the red rose chosen by mostly men to give to their loved ones? It is because a red rose is a flower of choice that simply means “I love you”.  A rose that shows affection, a flower that has an allure that is always hard to resist.

Rose Teary Leaves

If you pick a rose, don’t forget the leaves, because they are most lovely when it comes with nice green leaves. Just always remember to be careful when touching them, because however beautiful and irresistible the roses are, they always come with thorns:)

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