What stops you from trying?

Are you aware that there are things you haven’t done but could actually have done because you thought there was nothing else you could do? Or things you haven’t tried or stopped trying because you were afraid to do so and you did not believe in yourself?

There is something in this world that makes us unique, something from deep within that makes us a whole, extraordinary or special, not the looks, not the dress or the brands we wear on. Remember, we were born naked, without fancy make-ups or expensive clothes, and we were loved just as we are from the day we were born. Make-ups, gadgets, expensive clothes, shoes and every fancy things we wear covers all up our innermost beauty as well as it reflects our own personality and could make an impact on the things that we do or could do.

Sometimes it’s just hard to live without satisfying first our own needs and self-interest, thus making us greedy… and selfish… and discontented. We are too focused on other things without realizing what is actually happening within us.

Sometimes, or most of the time, we worry too much and we spend so much time worrying about the things we haven’t done, it’s time wasted. We are so preoccupied with so many things that surrounds us making us incapable of doing the things we actually should. We worry too much on how we should look to other people and even other people’s lives. But if we examine ourselves or take a look deep down our heart, and set aside all the things that hinder us from being what we really are or what we could be, only then can we realize there is something more in us, something else we are at the moment unaware of but capable of doing, something we are afraid to do so but actually could, or something we don’t know we are actually good at.

If we try to take time and think of the things that we value the most, or the things that are most important, and the things that matters most, and if we believe in ourselves, and try to at least go beyond our will and power, only then could we realize that there is something worthwhile we could do rather than waiting and hoping someday for it to happen. Only until then, can we see the true meaning of our existence.

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