Happy Halloween

Halloween PumpkinIllustration by: Daz ©, DaZ Journal Copyright 2018

Are you ready for the halloween?

My halloween pumkin is ready,

So wear your favorite scary costume

And knock on my door…

Tonight is the most exciting night

It’s halloween time and let’s have fun

You can either hide or run

So be my guest, don’t be scared

Just step on the floor and knock on my door

Inside my house you will see…

A dark room to scare my guests a little

and some candles lighted on.

Just like you, I am also wearing my costume

I also have candies and chocoloates

So just say the words „trick or treat“

And you will get your sweets.

Illustrating myself

Just another Design I worked on Illustrator today, this photo appears on my Profile on this site and I just happen to cartoon myself using Illustrator, not an easy task as I had to work on fine lines. Btw, here I used a very old model of Intous pen and Tablet from Wacom. I’m aiming though to get a newer model of Wacom with a screen tablet or an Ipad Pro so I could work better on specific details (will probably take ages before I could get one, huhu). Anyway, I know I need more practice but let me still show you the outcome😀.

Please let me know what you think.Illustration-DazPhotoIllustrated by: DaZ on DaZ Journal, Copyright© 2018

Strawberry in 3D


I’ve finally completed my Strawberry in 3D. Since I haven’t been designing for a long time now, it took me hours to finish this in 3D. I had to get myself back into practice. The result is not just as how I wanted it to but I think it still looks good. I got stucked in forming the seeds. But this is the outcome, just want to share it with you and I hope you like it. I would also love to hear any of your comments.

Thank you,




I was just in the midst of transferring my old files to a new laptop when I found my old apple design (made it last year) and I just thought about sharing it to you. It’s been a year since I haven’t made any posts.  Well, just a short reminder to everyone… it’s cold season again and many get sick. Avoid having colds this season… an apple a day keeps the doctor away! I guess I also need one:) Stay healthy!


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