A Little Break

Yesterday was a long flight, flying from Hamburg, I was walking at a long path of London Heathrow airport. I had a 3 hour stop and I used all the time to just walk around while waiting for my gate to open.

While I was walking around, my thoughts were somewhere, my heart still felt heavy.

I remember when I was driving for work yesterday and suddenly I just burst into tears. Then I was sitting at the front of my computer at work, I noticed some flashbacks. The pain is forever there… I could hardly concentrate from work and I was close to telling my chef that I needed a rest… but hey.. just few hours before my off, I had to be patient.

Finally on my way back home, it was like the same morning when I just burst into tears.

I can’t just take the pain away, it hurts so much deeply, as if it was cutting my heart and leaving a big scar in there.

Seeing myself sitting for a pause, I didn’t realize how long it took me walking around the huge and crowded waiting area of London Heathrow.

Now I am back to myself, trying to feel what I am feeling… but it was empty… as if I’ve already cried all the tears as if I left my country and also already leaving my past behind.

A new hope was built inside of me. I think it’s a really good start for me to have some time to think… and make a brand new start.

This is all I needed… a few weeks away, a little break, a little time. This is the moment I know I wanted to get myself back… and I am hoping, really hoping that this moment will help me never ever to look back.

Rügen, Germany

It wasn’t long time ago when me and my family visited Rügen (or Ruegen), a biggest island in Germany located located at Baltic Sea. It was just a 3-night visit, but I would say it was worthwhile. For some reasons, I’ve started writing about our tour here but at some point, I never got to an end-point.

I was at the midpoint of my ups and downs, but this tour has just refreshed the inner side of me.

The island of Rügen is part of the district of Vorpommern-Rügen, with its county seat in Stralsund. The towns on Rügen are: Bergen, Sassnitz, Putbus and Garz. In addition, there are the Baltic seaside resorts of Binz, Baabe, Göhren, Sellin and Thiessow.

Rügen is very popular as a tourist destinationbecause of its resort architecture, the diverse landscape and its long, sandy beaches.

You will find some photos below, I think the pictures say it all, as it has never been easy describing how such lovely this place this is.

Sellin, Rügen

The Ostseebad Sellin is a municipality on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The municipality in the district of Vorpommern-Rügen is managed by the office Mönchgut-Granitz, located in the municipality of Baabe.

Ostseebad Sellin

You will see some dark spots on the sand, as on the photo above, it’s where experts of Stone hunters searched for Amber- the “Gold of the Baltic Sea”.

Amber is a fossil, fossilized resin that was secreted by coniferous trees in the Baltic Sea area about 40 to 50 million years ago. Under exclusion of oxygen, resin was preserved and solidified in layers of brown coal age – it was amber.

The amber has a low density, it is light and soft, so it is taken by the ocean current. Therefore, the distribution is very wide-ranging. There are various forms, these were caused by the different toughness of the resin. The color depends on the radiation of the light when it leaves the tree.

Amber is easily confused with other stones. To determine if it is amber, the stone is lit. In a positive sample, the stone burns very bright. That’s why he got his name.

Sellin, Rügen

The first place we visited in Rügen after Breege was Sellin, for me the place was very quiet but perfect for those who are just simply trying to relax and enjoy the air, sand, and water.

Sellin, Rügen

Binz, Rügen

Binz, Rügen

Binz is perfect for those who loves to shop, there are also a lot of selected nice shops and restaurants just around a few meters away from the sea. It was easier for us to find some nice Restaurants in Binz than in Sellin.

Sellin, RügenInside National Park

King’s Chair of the Jasmund Peninsula (Königstuhl) view from National Park

King’s Chair of the Jasmund Peninsula (Königstuhl)

The Königsstuhl or King’s Chair is the best-known chalk cliff on the Stubbenkammer in the Jasmund National Park on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen and lies at 118 m above sea level.

Bunkers can still be found during the World War II at Putgarten

Kap Arkona View from the top of the Tower in Puttgarten.

Cape Arkona or Kap Arkona in Germany, is a 43 meter high, consisting of chalk and boulder clay steep coast on the peninsula Wittow in the north of the island of Rügen. The area monument Kap Arkona belongs beside the fishing village Vitt to the municipality Putgarten and is one of the most popular excursion destinations on Rügen with annually about 800,000 visitors.

Tower at Kap Arkona

We went to the top of this Tower to see the nice view of Kap Arkona in Putgarten.

Kapitäns Häuser, Breege (where we stayed for 3 nights, at the back of this house is a nice overlooking view of the sea.

Port of Yachts in Breege


I just spotted this small house while we were strolling around Breege to look for some nice restaurants around.

Stralsund, RügenWe dropped by at Stralsund on our way back home and visited this small lovely city.

Panoramic View of Stralsund

Not only did I enjoy our short stay in Rügen, but also driving at a no-speed limit area (reachjng 200 kms. per hour) made our Journey fun!

You may check it out here:

Driving 200 kilometers per hour in Germany

What would you do when your Boss’ Wife comes out to the Scene and makes your life Miserable?

Photo Credit: Marten Bjork #MartenBjork, http://www.unsplash.com

I am not so proud to announce but I am really having a terrible day with my boss’ wife. Honestly, I don’t know what I did to make her mad at me. I’ll try to make the story short, it was my boss (the man) who hired me in the first place, whatever was written on my contract was an agreement between me and him, for example he agreed on my 24 day vacation leave per year despite of my request to make it 30 days. Others who had been working there for over a year had 20 days off a year. I actually worked only for him over the year, I handle around 5 to 8 Designers online at work and other encoders from Asia online.

I work 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. My 1st Year contract at work was Probationary, but 2 months before my 1st temporary contract ends, my boss increased my salary because he said I was too good and my income was very low. My 1st Probationary contract was extended for another year.

In Germany, it is not allowed to give more than two years probationary contract, so my next contract this time should be a permanent one now. But before my contract ends, my boss’ wife sent me an email saying they will be offering me another contract, so I made an appointment with her to talk about it, and she asked me what I think how my performance at work was… I said I think I did great. Then she said that my boss (her husband) also thinks I am performing well and that is why he wants to keep me in the company, but she said she thinks I am receiving too much salary and vacation in comparison with the others who had been working there longer that I am. So she said to me that she would be rather hiring a German who speaks fluently with the same salary than I have (she meant because I am from Asia just like her, and my German language is not better than any Germans), so she said she will give me an option to work longer with the same salary and vacation, or have my salary reduced. She said if I will not accept it, he will have a separation with her husband and laughed and she said “it’s only a joke”. She said I don’t have to speak about our conversation with my boss, because she decides for it.

Photo Credit: Brooke Lark #BrookeLark @brookelark, http://www.unsplash.com

I had only two weeks to think about it, I told my husband about it and he said it’s not really nice what she does but I have to accept it to keep my job. So she sent me an email to follow up my decision, I told her I could not work longer than she requested so I had no choice but to accept her offer to reduce my salary even though I don’t think there is a reason to reduce my salary. She talked to me again and gave me another option to have my vacation reduced instead, from my original 24 days vacation will be reduced to 20 days. Looks like she was having trouble with the Finance Office to reduce my salary, so I had no option again but to accept a 20 day vacation every year. My contract ended on the 16th of March which falls on Thursday, then I should receive my permanent contract On the 17th of March which was Friday, but three days before my probationary contract ends she said I should not go to work on Friday since my new contract will start on Monday which is on the 20th March. I asked her why not on Friday, she said because she doesn’t give new contracts on Friday. I had no choice but to accept the offer.

Photo Credit: Asdrubal Luna #AsdrubalLuna, http://www.unsplash.com

As I received my salary, I found out that 3 days work was deducted so I asked about it and she said because I did not work for 3 days, even though actually Saturday and Sunday was no-working day, it was included in my deductions. I did not understand the point of reducing my salary for two non-working days, although I did not work for only 1 day because it was her request that I do not go for work. From the time I complained about my salary deduction, my stress with her did not stop, we exchanged arguments over email and I made some research together with my husband and I found out it’s not allowed to worsen a contract if the task and duty remains. Germany has strict rules and law on work, as I found out according to law, from the moment I got a salary increase during my Probationary Period at work, my Contract should have been automatically converted to a Permanent Contract, and the 3 days interruption after my probationary period does not actually exist unless it would have been longer than 3-weeks interruption, I should have received a full amount of my monthly income even with 3-days interruption. Even reducing my vacation is not allowed in German law since my task and duties remained the same.

Photo credit: Tom Pumford #TomPumford, http://www.unsplash.com

I’ve discussed the issue with my boss as I believe that he should be the one talking about it with his wife, but as it always turned out, either he’s damned too coward to talk about the issue with her or he just doesn’t want to have any arguments with her, so I guess I just have to do it all on my own. Since then, she made my life at work miserable. One day when my boss was not at work, I was surprised to see her come to where I work, she sat beside me where she actually never does because she normally works at a different office location. So she turned the computer on beside me and worked there and asked me to submit to her my report, ~ she obviously wanted to know what I have been doing at work, my boss never did this but I think it was fine so I just did it. After giving her my report I still had to explain to her what I do at work because it turned out she was lazy to read my report and she basically had no idea what I do. Looks like this made her realized it was not easy to handle eight designers a day (for a part-time work). Then one day, she asked me to be the replacement of my other office worker because she was on vacation for few days and I have to do the invoice and answer calls at the same time, however good I tried to be, all I received was her critics and there was not even a single warm appreciation on what I accomplished. Then another day, I called to tell her I could not go to work because my daughter is sick, I was surprised because she’d been shouting and yelling at me over the phone and she said I should resign, I asked why… she said because I just simply could not work… I said no and if she thinks I am not reliable for work because my daughter is sick, then she should terminate me from work~ which I believe she wouldn’t do, and she couldn’t do. As expected, she yelled at me again and hang up on me. In a month time now, I’d be 4 years at the company and I am not really sure why I’m still stucked there… my issue of having back my 24-day vacation per year is still not clear despite giving her all the information she needed.

Should I have any other option, I’d rather be just simply doing and working somewhere without such stress. I mean, it is actually the only kind of job for me right now which fits my schedule well, so searching for a different kind of job is not really an option… probably you have tips on what else I should do to get rid of my boss’ wife? Have you ever had such an experience? How do you handle such a situation? I’d just be glad and happy to hear any of your comments. 🙏

Christmas Party with friends

This marks one of the most important day in my life. Celebrating yearly Christmas party with friends and loved ones, knowing each other even more deeply than one could ever imagine, a kind of friendship we all know somebody stands by our side, a friend who listens and understands us… patiently, and accepts us for what we are💪🏼😅, friends who are still there and spend time with you even when you are down in the dumps, laugh with you, cry with you, fight for you and tell you the things you don’t want to hear because you simply need to hear it and realize it for yourself you made a mistake, and most importantly to say sorry because you really are, because despite everything you’ve done, there is always someone out there who accepts you just as you are. There is no need to say those words, simple gestures, simple look, simple smiles, simple touch, a simple hug, you realize you are loved. A kind of friendship nobody could break because even if you try to, it will only make that friendship stronger… together😃😜, I think that’s the essence of spending this Christmas party with friends whom you now consider as your family in a country where all of you were once a stranger and turned this place to your new home. I would like to thank all my true and real friends from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the laughter and the tears, thank you all… for all the memories☺️😃 it will always remain in my heart.

To all my friends with love, DaZ

P.S. Each year we have our theme, and our chosen theme for this year was Cowgirl.

If you like to see how we celebrated our Christmas Party, please check this 20 minute video link I posted on youtube below:

The night

It was a night when drinking whiskey and fragrant grape based pomace slowly closes her eyes. Her head slightly drops down over her shoulder while the stars exposes itself behind the dark clouds and the starlight kisses her brown cheek a sad goodnight. Her body retires from a midnight crowd while the breeze of the air that surrounds her whispers a soft farewell to the moonlight.

Shattered 🙇‍♀️ 💔 🤦‍♀️

A silent mind bearing shattered memories

Heavy thoughts capture the past

A heart in grief breaks in pieces

And lonely eyes overflow with tears

Yesterday was a thousand miles to look back

Heavenly moments while young at heart

When body craves for a gentle touch

Warm embraces never to miss out


Dark clouds shimmered in the sunlight

Noisy laughs silenced the curious crowd

A real friend to trust, to touch and to hold

All worries and doubts fall out of sight


One single glimpse need not to say a word

Promises to keep no secrets to be told

Years and moments together when life was tough

Unbreakable trust built longer than enough


For one must go and bid a sad farewell

Yet distance won’t keep any bonds apart

When a missing piece is found, only time could tell

Two random lives no passersby could understand

Love spreads out and wilderness bear

Make dreams real, no doubt no fear

Life’s a gift wrapped with joy and wonder

Loneliness breaks with sweet cries and laughter


Life turns mess ruined by a mystery

A shattered dream, a hopeless reality

Leaves fall down and daylight wane

Nightmare sorrows and moonlight pain


Lost in the dark, mind overblowing in despair

Just cry out loud for nobody seems to care

Beneath those floody eyes are shattered dreams

Whispers of hope, anger burns in flames


Wounded once, wounded twice then all over again

Promises to keep fades away in vain

For a voice within yells in grief and sorrow

Look into the eyes and see no hope for tomorrow


Behind bitter smile’s an unuttered wish

Someday somewhere to find hidden happiness

Bring back the past to wipe away a tear

Til tears run out to take away the fear

Captioning Fehmarn

 Fehmarn, known as Germany’s 3rd biggest island, located at the Ostsee (Eastern Coast) of Schleswig-HolsteinGermany. The island, famous for its nature and recreation areas. It is also well known for its Windsurf and Kitesurf spots. Together with my friend, I am lucky enough to have taken these wonderful photos. 

DSC_3332Three buildings in a row…

Where shall you go?


Take a closer look..

So I may have to know.


Go on, keep looking until you find your right spot

Nice places like this are few and far between


Up in the sky

Where birds go fly


The only comfortable place to go

Sometimes is being alone or yet with you

When your goal seems to be pie in the sky

In time with great effort you’ll sail through it.


Even when the bright sun is  covered with heavy clouds

Go out and let your hair down.
DSC_3331These beautiful sights of Fehmarn

Will give you comfort and ease

DSC_3402Discover its’ beauty, fresh and cool atmosphere

It’s good for the soul, so nourish every second of it

Whether for family or friends

Simply a perfect place to be


Below are more photographs taken by me. All in one day, I’ve managed to shoot them in less half an hour. Some of the shots might not be perfect but I tried to choose as much as possible the nicer ones and at least it will give us a perfect idea of how nice the island really is.








For more information about Fehmarn, you may click the link (or copy and paste the link) below: