I see you from afar But you were not there I tipped the words But I got no response I didn't matter I'm no one but a shadow You just pass by Our words made us close Yet too far to reach In silence was love unspoken In silence was doubt and pain If only … Continue reading Unspoken

A Little Break

Yesterday was a long flight, flying from Hamburg, I was walking at a long path of London Heathrow airport. I had a 3 hour stop and I used all the time to just walk around while waiting for my gate to open. While I was walking around, my thoughts were somewhere, my heart still felt … Continue reading A Little Break

Thank you…

I may cry all the tears But I will bury them with you Not wishing to look back Because pain is enough A little something for myself Is all what I have But I will stand proud Because one day I know Living without you Will make me live For at least one another day … Continue reading Thank you…

Someday You’ll See

Just let me fall Take everything all Until nothing is left Even my last breathe My lost maybe your victory But one day when I am gone Someday you'll see Your biggest regret in life When I am nowhere to be found.

Will you forget the pain?

So I am crying like hell again, crying out loud until I could wipe you away with my tears. And I promise to write until my words stab your heart deeply... until you realize the hell you have done to me.  You may relate to this if you have read my previous blog: The End. You may also follow … Continue reading Will you forget the pain?

It’s the Kiss 💋

It's the kiss that you need to let your pain 💔go away A kiss that wipes away all the tears you kept inside your ❤️ heart A kiss to remind you everything will be alright 💋 A kiss to comfort ... and to let you know that you are loved 💞 🤗