Thank you…

I may cry all the tears

But I will bury them with you

Not wishing to look back

Because pain is enough

A little something for myself

Is all what I have

But I will stand proud

Because one day I know

Living without you

Will make me live

For at least one another day

So, thank you for all the tears…

Because it finally woke me up

It made me weak, yet stronger

It gave me new hope

One day I’ll say…

I’m finally on my own

Standing… without you.

Thank you.

Daz Journal, Copyright © 2019

13 thoughts on “Thank you…

      1. Oops! Sorry quote: “pass on with more heartaches.” instead of “without” sounds like I just wished the worse for you. But I think you got it. Like everything in the world, it will go over.

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      1. head over all there is something, you must not or should not let time change but change the time against it with patience and patience until the soul is satisfied Because one day new hope at the beginning of each begin his end, all the best I wish you. . !!

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            1. @Nilzeitung, I appreciate your concern. I did not expect for anything or more. I have not made any buttons that directs automatically for donations, maybe someday I will do that… but if you insist… I don’t know if it would work like this I have a paypal account at

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