Back on my Feet Again

It’s nice to be back on my feet again, after a long break… I guess I am finally back to writing again. During my hard times, I started learning new hobbies to find myself like painting… and some yoga, just being by myself and it helped me relax a bit more. Of course there were times when I had to go out with friends and I chose to be with only the good ones😊. There were though some instances where life tries to pull me back down again but I have learned it the hard way, not letting any obstacles bring me back down. Today I am starting my day by going to the gym to keep me feel more energetic, and later to the church.

Let’s not let anybody bring us down, start living a better life by doing your hobbies and follow your heart and your passion. I hope everyone have a great Sunday.

Keep Going

I’m sharing this beautiful quote because I just had this experience not long ago… Sadly, when a friend tries to bring us down, especially in times of our worse situations in life, we tend to give up in life. But the good part about it is that we learn who our real friends are. A real friend will never let you down and will never bring you down no matter what, especially not when you feel like you were down in the dumps. A real friend will never upbraid you or insult you, because that is in “no way” an “acceptance” of who or what you are. A real friend understands the “value” of “friendship” and this includes all that defines its all meanings. A real friend will keep your secrets and will forever hold it himself/herself because he/she knows the value of keeping it. A friend that understands cultivates friendship into a deeper relationship, to make the friendship grow and not to break it.

If we are a kind of person who let somebody turn us down, we’ll never grow, it will make us fail, but if we try to look a positive side of it, when somebody tries to hurt us with words, we learn and from there we learn how to act.

I am glad I learned. We know the fact that once a damage has been done, it can never be repaired.

I hope you are a kind of person who will never let anyone bring you down.

So, thank you… just please keep going.

Keep Going
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Christmas Party with friends

This marks one of the most important day in my life. Celebrating yearly Christmas party with friends and loved ones, knowing each other even more deeply than one could ever imagine, a kind of friendship we all know somebody stands by our side, a friend who listens and understands us… patiently, and accepts us for what we are💪🏼😅, friends who are still there and spend time with you even when you are down in the dumps, laugh with you, cry with you, fight for you and tell you the things you don’t want to hear because you simply need to hear it and realize it for yourself you made a mistake, and most importantly to say sorry because you really are, because despite everything you’ve done, there is always someone out there who accepts you just as you are. There is no need to say those words, simple gestures, simple look, simple smiles, simple touch, a simple hug, you realize you are loved. A kind of friendship nobody could break because even if you try to, it will only make that friendship stronger… together😃😜, I think that’s the essence of spending this Christmas party with friends whom you now consider as your family in a country where all of you were once a stranger and turned this place to your new home. I would like to thank all my true and real friends from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the laughter and the tears, thank you all… for all the memories☺️😃 it will always remain in my heart.

To all my friends with love, DaZ

P.S. Each year we have our theme, and our chosen theme for this year was Cowgirl.

If you like to see how we celebrated our Christmas Party, please check this 20 minute video link I posted on youtube below: