When life gets busy

Alarm bells started to ring when my internet connection got lost.  I was so busy surfing, when my internet went down. I realized how hard it is to live without internet. This is where my world already revolves. Internet makes a very big impact on my life. Life becomes different for me without internet, even having my Photoshop software to do some work, or my book to keep me busy and even having my notes around to write down my tasks and list down my expenses. It’s like a slap on the wrist. Is it just really me? Or the just how life already is in this generation?

When life gets busy
When life gets busy

So, hurrah! I got my internet back! It turned out I had to request from the owner of the apartment where I was staying at to get connected again. It was like a catch 22 situation when you wanted to get something done and you could not.

Now is the time to keep myself busy again. I just could not ignore the feeling of having without internet. Is it just me? I guess somebody out there feels the same. Would love to hear a penny of your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “When life gets busy

  1. You’re lucky you had your connection issues solved right away, while I had to wait the next day as it was Sunday afternoon when it happened. While you wouldn’t normally see anyone working on Sundays in here in Germany so it’s kinda frustrating to wait for another day just to get the work done.


  2. I had a crisis last week because I use my custom domain’s e-mail to contact my clients (I prefer not to use gmail or yahoo, etc. for business matters). So I needed access to a client e-mail to prep for a meeting and “Cannot communicate with server” was all response I was lucky enough to get.

    So, I phoned my ISP and they sorted it out while I was on the phone. All it took was a bit of ego-stroking and humour.

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