Don’t let your Dream just a Dream

It all started with a 💔 broken heart, when I almost gave up and saw nothing but a useless creature of my own.

I was tipping on my keys during my break time at dawn, when unknown commercials pop up on my screen, the one I always ignored when I was so in love, one day it hit me when I was broken-hearted. So that’s it, I answered some questions when I thought a minute actually took ten minutes to finish.

Getting ready for new experiences, a lot of messages I just ignored. Only one message took my attention, I scanned the profile but I didn’t understand a word. It was written in German. It was the only thing that took my attention because of the language I never spoke. Years passed and the German language I never spoke and understood became my third language and my daughter’s first language. Now looking back from how this all started goes back to another broken 💔 heart. Those days and years in between were tough, not how everybody expected it. I don’t actually look back to regret, but I had to thank those hard moments for what it made me now. It made me stronger, self-reliable and a dreamer. Without a doubt I struggled, yet I was moving on. For without those tough times I would not be what I am now. From a person of zero experience in life— to a traveller, a wanderer and a dreamer. Life is not how we always expect it to be, but life can be how we want it to be.

Live your dreams, don’t regret the past, because there is nothing we could do to bring it back. Past is past, look instead of the future that waits ahead because there is more to it than how we see it, there is more to life when we stop regretting. Treasure the hard times, be brave and be strong at your toughest moment for that is your only way of success, remember that there will never be success if there’s no failure.

DSC_6024Copyright © 2018, DaZ Journal

So just dream, cross the ocean, climb the highest mountain, fly high, do what people never expect you to do, do the things you love… dream! But don’t let your dreams remain a dream. One day you will see, a dream fulfilled is a dream that was in mind, heart and soul, and the one you worked hard for.


4 thoughts on “Don’t let your Dream just a Dream

  1. Mine started with satisfaction ends with disappointment. I met my husband and things crumbled. Then I realized, I was living a lie. He broke my walls and helped me build it stronger. Naks. I should write a post about this hahaha 😀

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      1. Huh? What makes you think that? I’m happily married with my first love haha. What I was trying to say is that he threw my world upside down before I fell in love. 😅


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