A Little Time

Getting up 15 minutes before 6am, this is not so common to me. I usually wake up few minutes after 6am during my working days. I couldn’t get myself to sleep before 4 o’clock in the morning for the last 3 days after my arrival from Germany. Definitely the result of my jet lag. I have been out of town since I arrived, no waste of time, I had to get myself busy… I only had few days to stay here so I had to get the most out of it. I think I had to thank my headache last night, because of that I was early in bed and woke up early today… no more jet lag (Haha!)

My first day of arrival was at night time, where my sister and my sister’s driver picked me up from the airport. It was my first experience to be picked up from the airport with a delivery truck! Such an experience, did my sister think I had so many luggages to bring home?!!! LOL!

Delivery Truck

Anyway, it was an unforgettable moment… and I am expecting the remaining of my days here in Philippines to be more fun!

So now I found a little time for myself, by drinking some tea while writing this blog.

I already had some plans for today, surely going to be a very busy day again… but I still had time to just relax and take my time.

I wish everyone then to have a great day… enjoy every moment because that is the only thing in life that is free.

A little sometime-cup of tea



7 thoughts on “A Little Time

    1. Hey thanks… really appreciate that… but since I’m on vacation until next week I might not be able to do whatever a Versatile Blogger Award does… it doesn’t mean though that I don’t have time for blogging or whatever but it just means being in different places all the time also makes it hard for me to get internet connections… so please don’t wonder if I may not be able to respond quick. Could you please tell me what a Versatile blogger must do?


    1. Hahahah! Oh my…. I went home with an empty pocket😃 🤭 which is actually not common for typical Filipinos who would be bringing tons of gifts and presents and even thousands of dollars or euros to spend for the entire family in Philippines🤭

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