“DaZ bin ich”…. If you translate this in English, it means: “That is me”. But it’s actually written like this in German: “Das bin ich”.

Here are some German words you would hear most of the time when you are in Germany.

Hallo – simply means “Hello”. Most Germans greet you with Hallo or “Moin”, which is short for Moin Moin (greetings commonly used in North Germany, eastern and northern Netherlands, and South Jutland Denmark), meaning good or beautiful, but can be used to say hello or to greet everyday instead of saying Hallo or hello, and in some places to say goodbye.  So prepare to say Hallo or Moin back if a German happens to have an eye contact with you and greet you with hallo or moin.

Guten Tag! : Good Day!

Danke: Thanks!

Bitte: Please or you’re welcome. If it sounds like a question then it means “Pardon? or Sorry?”, which just means please repeat what you said.

Entschuldigung: Excuse me or Sorry.

Ja: Pronounced as Ya, which means yes.

Nein: – This sounds like a number 9 but it means “NO”.

Alles klar: All right or everything’s clear.

Tschüß: pronounced as “Chuss” meaning bye. It is also common to say Ciao in Germany if you want to say bye.

Jetzt sage ich schonmal Tschüß und ein schönen Tag noch: Now it’s time for me to say bye and have a great day! 🙂






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