My Christmas 2018

This year’s Christmas celebration at home was quite special for me, probably because it was way different than how I spent my Christmas last year. I must admit I had too many downs for the year 2018, it’s my most difficult year ever, but on a positive side of it, this year made me stronger and I think a little bit more mature than ever and so I am bidding my farewell to 2018 with greater confidence and a hopeful positive future.

To all my followers who had been there for me, thank you for being on my toughest days and I am sorry for not being able to post often lately.

This Christmas holiday made me quite busy fixing my family 😃 spending more time with them and friends as well, this includes our very busy Christmas party together including going out, meeting old friends and drinking some Glühwein at Weihnachtsmarkt.

Glühwein Photo, a hot fragrant mulled wine, usually served at Christmas markets or Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany.

As a traditional way of spending Christmas in Germany, after attending the holy mass on the 24th of December, we opened our 🎁 Gifts as soon as we got home, then had our dinner, drinks and some chat.

Our next day Christmas, we spent it with some friends at home.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt, glad there’s still Weihnachtsmarkt there because here in Oldenburg where I live Weihnachtsmarkt already ended on the 22nd of December.

I can’t wait for the night before new year comes because we will be celebrating it with some friends so this year’s holiday is quite very busy for me. I am looking forward though for 2019 as there will definitely be more exciting and unexpected days waiting ahead… of course I will keep you updated, so please stay tuned😃👍🏼

Happy holidays everyone!😉🥰

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