The art of waiting…

My day today turned out really well and effective. I woke up at my early weekday routine before 7 am (got up though at past 7am๐Ÿ˜ƒ), had my daughter’s breakfast ready for school and went to work in the morning at around 8am, after work at 12pm I had to rush back home to prepare my lunch, while I was at the same time getting myself prepared for my appointment at BMW to have my car checked. I arrived exactly at my appointment time at 1:30pm at the service area, my car should be finished at 3pm. I had an offer for renting a car for 1 day if nobody has to pick you up or if you didn’t want to wait but instead of renting one to save some money, I just waited at the lobby. The girl at the service seemed to be surprised when I said I preferred waiting, but she was friendly and she offered me something to drink.

It’s always good thing to have things well-prepared while waiting, I had my book with me and my laptop. I grabbed first my book while drinking my coffee, I haven’t felt the time wasted. John Maxwell’s book of Leadership always keeps me inspired. After an hour reading, I took my laptop and started working on some illustrations. I finally finished my design which I actually did not finish doing at home. This you will see on my post scheduled for tomorrow (so please follow me to get updated๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™). It was past 3pm when my car “service check-up” finished.

I rushed back home and my daughter was already waiting for me. She took care of her guinea pigs for a while then a few minutes later, I brought her to her friend. My friend invited me for coffee but I refused as I had to do more tasks at home.

I realized though that I become more effective working outside while waiting for something, like writing, doing designs etc., because I am more focused during this time as I did not have to worry about work at home. It’s sometimes hard to focus writing at home, because you see a lot of work waiting right in front of your eyes. As a mother like me, we never run out of duties and responsibilities. There’s always work waiting whatever area from the house you look at: the dishes from the kitchen, foods to be prepared, the sink at the toilet, the laundry, bedsheets, dusty table or cabinets and floor, garbages… and so on. There is neverending work, and the only time to rest and relax is after dinner when all of these are done after a long day’s work and when you’re already tired to finally go to bed. The next day is another usual day and unless we don’t take time to do some things we really wanted to do, it will always stay forever as a “want” and unaccomplished. Maybe there are a lot out there like me who sometimes postpone all the “I want to..”. If you don’t start it today, you can’t start it tomorrow. If you don’t start it today, you can’t finish it tomorrow.

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