Deep Within

I smile, I laugh, I cry…

So many questions remain still why…

Thoughts within remain unsure,

But I know at least I have to try.

I’ve travelled and discovered

A lot of people trying to survive,

Slaves from our own that’s what we are.

Tell me if you are not,

Then I am sure it is a lie.

The truth about self lies within.

We do things we don’t want to do,

Even do things far beyond than what we could.

And even if we hesitate we cannot refuse,

Because we know there is more…

This life has to offer, it’s invincible.

We grab anything even beyond our wildest dreams.

There is something inside we cannot hide,

That is why we search and ask…

I, myself… have never-ending question marks,

But there is only one thing I am certain of…

“Never give up”…

Soon enough they will be answered.



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